Shadows have feelings, I know you don’t believe me. But it’s true.

The problem is that most of the time their feelings are mixed up

You see, most of the time shadows are all mixed up.

Shadows get very confused, and then they don’t know how to feel.

Imagine you are the shadow of a bird.

The shadow begins to feel tweety and beaky and chirpy


A great big car comes along, slap bang between glorious rays of sunshine and the bird.

Now we have a problem.

The shadow can’t feel tweety or beaky any more, how could you?

The shadow tries to feel growly and mechanical, but the bird is still there.

And the shadow knows it.

So our poor shadow gets horribly confused.

It tries to feel beaky and growly, mechanical and tweety.

Trust me, sometimes it can get quite messy.

Take, for another example, the way humans use their hands to make shadows like birds and animals.

Imagine the confusion.

One second, a shadow feels happy, it’s feeling useful, it’s got four fingers and a wonderful thumb.

As the shadow enjoys the way each finger wiggles, the poor shadow gets a horrible shock!

Suddenly it looks like an eagle, swooping and diving all over a blank wall.

Our shadow knows the hands are still there, but it also wants to have feathers to swoop with. But feathers are not there at all.

It all gets extremely confusing!


Every now and again.

A shadow gets to feel like something that isn’t mixed up at all.

It’s a wonderful moment.

A moment all shadows look forward to.

The moment where a shadow becomes a silhouette.

A shadow of just one thing, a shadow so perfectly clear that everyone knows what it is.

And the shadow can feel exactly what it is.

When there is a silhouette of a tree, you can see the shape of the tall, strong, trunk and the long, lean branches and the way every leaf dances on the breeze.

For a shadow, this feels like freedom.

Even though the shadow can only be like the tree it loves the clarity, the security of being exactly like a tree.

Or exactly like a sly, sulking, mysterious cat.

Or exactly like a roaring, swaying, burning fire.

When these moments happen, shadows feel real.

In fact, they forget that they are shadows at all.

For those special moments the shadow IS a chair or a house or a fish or a brush or a caterpillar…

And sometimes, very rarely…

A person.

When a silhouette of a person is made, a shadow doesn’t just feel like a person…

If the silhouette is very very still, and the person is very very still, something special happens.

They share whatever is hidden deep inside their hearts as it beats.